Two years worth of luggage

If you were/ are a backpacker, As little as possible is what we knew for packing a luggage. For girl who love fashion, it is a big struggle between be a hippy or a hipster.

Girl in pink

This picture is inspired from one of the photo I found on Tumblr, unfortunately I forgot the original link, if anyone have the familiar photo or you are the model, please let me know.

Our favourite dog Gugulak

A poodle dog/ doll/ cow/ monkey/ monster


Some say the spring trend of makeup is GO BIG or go home(?)


Today is the first day of spring in Spain, but it is so rainy lately...

Winter essential I

In Hong Kong, we can not live without air-conditioning. Here, I can not live without a heater, or a fireplace. Feet and hands just so icy.

Am wearing Nike Pro Hyperwarm Print Aurora Fitted Ladies Long Running Tights bought from Japan.


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From here

After 19 months, I started to travel again.