Found Alice in North Wales- Llandudno

Yesterday, I saw a white rabbit and I fell in to a rabbit hole...

Does anyone know Llandudno is actually well-known for Alice in Wonderland?

'Llandudno’s wonderland links stretch back to 1861 when the young Alice Pleasance Liddell (the real Alice in Wonderland) aged 8 years old first holidayed in the ‘Queen of the Welsh resorts’ Llandudno. Her holiday home ‘Penmorfa’ was built on Llandudno’s West Shore where the family holidayed for many years. '

Click me to the wonderland.

My 92 days in Llanes- Visual Diary

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3 months ago I flew from a big city Hong Kong where I can hardly see the sky without skyscrapers and no horizon. A day after, I arrived to the medieval town on the cliffs, with no buildings taller than 5th floor.

I am very lucky and blessed.