A Motion Sickness Cure

When you go on an exciting but low-cost road trip, you know you will suffer, but it is stupid to say no...

Wild Kangaroo, I can suffer for that... 

I remember I took 12 hour road trip with 3 lovely people, back seat leg area was filled by massive luggage. The Australian dry heat weather was challenging my body every second...

Here are all the (weird ) cures that worked on me, you can try one or if you have a serious sickness like me, follow them all you will be 90% fine for your journey or should I say it will distract your mind well enough to remember dizziness?

#  Don't drink too much water

Keep hydrated is key but not flooding in your body, because too much water can lighten your blood which can make you feel worse.

#  Prepare some healthy juicy snack

If you think a long journey is an excuse to eat junk food you are wrong, eating healthily can make you feel better instantly, and avoid the contradiction of being too thirsty, but don't want to drink too much water then go to the tiny dirty coach toilet.

#  Acupuncture

Some people say it is so effective, press the point I shown you on the pictures, you are on the go.

#  Avoid Alcohol

One time I had a unknown sickness on a 13hour flight, I thought a glass of red wine would make me sleep as it always does... But not when you already not feeling right!

The worst dizziness is when you are sleeping and feeling dizzy at the same time!(Anyone?)

#  Make yourself as comfortable as you can.

As long as you are not making others uncomfortable and being selfish. Do it, sit cross legged, adjust your seat or put your legs in the hallway when no one pass by.
People may stare at you sitting like you are at home, but they'd understand how sick you look. Besides, I bet they'd rather stand for it than the smell of your vomit for the next 3 hours or so on.

#  Neck pillow and eye mask

Not too expensive, doesn't take up too much space, I had a normal big pillow last time when I took a 12 hour road trip. The smell and softness of your favourite pillow helps you sleep like a baby.

# Golden stretching time

When the bus stops somewhere, the seatbelt sign is off on flight, big empty train area at the end of the cabin... Simply walk a little bit, stand as much as you can or stretching like a kitty will make you reborn.

# Pill

Boring and doubtful way, for me, one kind of pill can't work every time. I never stick with one brand, but what if I tried them all one day?

My fight with dizziness is like gambling,  I won last time, same journey same time same weather same diet, but just not today! I never know when it works or not.

*I am not a doctor, suggestions of above just for a causal sharing, if you are looking for a professional advice, here is not the right place for you. But I hope you try them all as it possibly can save you money.

Anyone is the same? Share below, you are not alone! (High five!)

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