A day in Gijón

Wooo, I realised I have been disappearing for quite a while, I hope my followers and readers are still following me ;0!

It was a long Easter holiday for me (Actually it was holiday for my other half...). Llanes is where I am living in at the moment,  located in North of Spain------ Asturias. So as I am here in this land, why not travel a bit?

This is my first travelling post here, I also have a blog just about travelling, but I have not updated for awhile for a lot of reasons... 

Well I just found out I reached more than 15000 visters in that blog! Would like to show you from here, its all in Chinese, I promised myself I will continue to write about my travels there in Chinese again as well as English here!
So, let me to show you the largest city of Asturias in Spain--- Gijón.

An attractive combination of maritime tradition and monumental heritage, you can find them in Gijón. Gijon is one of the biggest cities in Asturias as well as its capital city Oviedo. Compared to Oviedo, Gijon has advantages as it's located by the sea combined with the Spanish warm weather, relaxing on the beaches is a must-do during summer without a doubt. 

Palacio de Revillagigedo

Started with a cuppa in front of the Palacio de Revillagigedo. After two hours on the bus, its caffeine and the view that wakes me up so well.

We couldn’t stay in the shade for too long as the weather treated us badly in the last few days,  we ran straight to the Playa de San Lorenzo. Sunscreen check, sunnies check, so time to stroll and take a lot of pictures of those cute doggies.

Right side
And the left

People in Gijon have a laid back, relaxed lifestyle. Not just humans, I guess dogs are getting spoiled on the warm sands too. 

Walked in to the Parque de Isabel La Católica, (After hanging around the beach for 2 hours!)
The park was designed in 1941. It has a lot of sculptures surrounds and it is the birds paradise(For some kinds of birds), Various animal species that inhabit the park free such as geese, ducks, swans and peacocks.

I am happy for the pigeons to have a tower for themselves.

We ate Greek and visited Estadio el Molinon Gijon

Time flies when you’re having a good time, we need to catch the bus! We didn’t go to too many places in Gijon to be honest. But traveling is not just about a photo of where-you-should-visit, right?

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