Getting Lost Guide in Tokyo II- Shibuya

After writing my first Getting Lost Guide in Tokyo post, I introduced you about Harajuku, where is the heart of Tokyo Fashion and Hipsters culture.

In this second one I am going to show you...


very close to Harajuku. One of the fashionable spots in Tokyo, if Harajuku is a street fashion sacred place, Shibuya is well-known for their high-street local fashion.

This dog called Hachikō ハチ公, who is remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued for many years after his owner's death. He had been waiting for his owner near the Shibuya station until he finally met his owner in heaven in 1935. For memorial this cutie, people built this status, which became a landmark in Shibuya nowadays.

'Super Gals!', a famous Manga/ Cartoon based in Shibuya. Hachiko always appearance.

One of movies based on Hachiko

Familiar? This is the famous view which always appears as a Tokyo impression from movies to comics.

Japanese communication design is one of the top in Asia, Ad filled in every corner, futuristic digital screen as part of the building, which make the city so alive, so vivid.

I've been to Japan for a few times. As an non-EU, it is as common as English people go visit Paris for holiday.

Tokyo is always popular for the world. Tokyo is a shopping paradise especially to Asian people. Japanese really know how to sell their products. All the famous global, local brands and cartoon characters all provide variously products and get into a habit to release limited edition products to fulfil the curiosity of the market, which not just make local but the rest of Asia obsessed about.

Although most of the local brands are well-known in other countries, Japanese company keep patent to local. Most of the best Japanese products are just release in Japan. Exported products are always not as good as the local one. I think this is very smart...

'Tsumtsum', popular mobile games in Asia recently.

Tower Record is a huge record store, sell everything related to music and video.

Never miss the bottle/ can of Japanese drink when you are in Japan.

Thanks for reading my words. Hope you enjoy this post, please let me know how do you think so Al Heaology can be better every time! GLG in Tokyo III will be announce next week. If you haven't read GLG in Tokyo I, please have a look here. ;)

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