Found Alice in North Wales- Llandudno

Yesterday, I saw a white rabbit and I fell in to a rabbit hole...

Does anyone know Llandudno is actually well-known for Alice in Wonderland?

'Llandudno’s wonderland links stretch back to 1861 when the young Alice Pleasance Liddell (the real Alice in Wonderland) aged 8 years old first holidayed in the ‘Queen of the Welsh resorts’ Llandudno. Her holiday home ‘Penmorfa’ was built on Llandudno’s West Shore where the family holidayed for many years. '

Click me to the wonderland.

It was a surprise for me as I just found out after I spent half a day there.
I am not really a plan-what-you-should-do person, and I actually enjoy unexpected adventure. :)

Llandudno is a town with the longest pier in Wales, its elegant promenade past pastel-coloured hotels and impeccably authentic seafront architecture built since Victoria age.

The Beatles stayed at that beautiful hotel (above) when they played here.

Windmills in the sea

When you are at the seaside, what you should do?

Fish and chips!

And greedy seagull.

After we suddenly noticed an Alice Trail in town, we went to a few places for a little adventure, all the statues and a bit of information along the way.

View from the Haulfre Gardens, the centre of town is actually a peninsula with a walkable distance between two sides of coast line.

I hadn't explored all of it, but please let me know if you did.
Alice Trail in North Wales

So I'm currently in North Wales. I left Spain and I will tell you more in my very next post.
Once, my reader asked how often do I blog, I feel sincerely guilty cause I am not punctual, but I am trying to improve, I promised... I try to update twice a week but my schedule just too busy. Please be patient with me, I will show you my to-post-list one by one and be P U N C T U A L. (Muscle arm emoji x 2)

Thanks for reading my post and
' Does anyone know Llandudno is actually well-known for Alice in Wonderland?'.
Please leave a comment below, let's chat about it :)

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