Llanes- All about Northern Spanish fooood

3 courses just cost 20 Euros X 2 persons, one of our MOST expensive meals in Llanes. With a great bottle of wine. H e a v e n.

Where the hell in Europe can you pay this price for such a great quality food?

Just eat seafood when you are near the sea, wherever you go, you can’t go wrong. :)

'Llanes was an important fishing and commercial port throughout the Middle Ages. 

'The social and economic life of the Llaniscan people has been linked with the sea for many centuries. 

One of the posh restaurants we went to. :)


Centollos (spider crabs) 


By chance during "XIV Jornadas Gastronómicas del Marisco" (Celebratory Days of Seafood), cuisines in town are offering the best of the best for just 4 days in the beginning of every spring.

Best lobster I've ever tasted!

During the festival, I tasted the best lobster in my life, I am not exaggerating!

As a fishing town with its beautiful horizon, Llanes is well known for their seafood dishes. Every week day around 1100-1400, fishing boats  from the Cantabrican sail back to the port with freshly caught seafood. 

I don’t normally see that activity with surroundings like that, no wonder this scene became an attraction for even some locals. Maybe for centuries ?

Do you have any romantic food experience? Where in the world did you taste that unforgettable dish? I would love to go for it!

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