Gigi Hadid

If you ask who is my recently favourite model, the answer is her. Not Cara Delevingne anymore. But Miranda Kerr is my all time favourite :D

Sorry for not being punctual. Especially recently I am going to move back to England, leaving a beautiful Spanish town, a lot of planning for new life in England and packing to do, as well as get into my farewell to a place routine in these 2 weeks. Do what I haven't done here, take photos, go to places I always pass by but never step in, say hi to people and breath more.

I would like to give my blog a go as I have tons of travelling experience and pictures to share, so while I still have some time here, I am going to prepare, write more posts about my travelling and do more hand drawing, when I have no time to write, I will always have a back-up post.

I will also try to do all the dirty work now, like making my blog's layout look better, so I don't need to spend so long to make it when real job is flooding my time.

Do you guys have any tips and suggestions to share when you edit your CSS? I would love to hear from you! :)

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