5 things a Newbie should know

This is a post especially for a fresh blogger who (Maybe lets say counting by followers…) is a newbie and has less than 200 followers. As I was just not too new but old yet. These are my tips for confused newbies, I hope it helps as I think its good to give something back.

Its so exciting to see the notification on bloglovin’ recently, stepped into my 3rd month as a blogger, I reached 100 followers! And a week after, reached 200! Unbelievable! You guys are amazing! Thanks so much!!!!!

'I know... I've been telling myself at the end of the day this is just a number…’, but I'm so happy to accomplish something I worked hard to get. I know compared to numbers of bloggers who get maybe a thousands followers a day, it makes me seem very small, but if you Imagine 200 people in front of you, it is retry impressive to be happy for already.

Okay, let get to the point, these months I have been blogging full-time. I have read more posts than I ever read in my life before, I’ve been learning to be a better illustrator, artist and blogger, even a bit of design.

So, after you made a blog, designed a little bit, registered on a few social platforms, wrote a self introduction and first post.
Here is what you should know:


Don’t look for followers/comments to fall from the sky, because it may never happen.

Blogging is not just creating blog posts, but it is important to ‘promote’ yourself, let others know you exist. Do what others do when starting from zero, you need to visit many blogs, leave them comments. It's like you moved into a new house, greeting your neighbours. But don’t be hard sell, actually read their posts and leave a REAL comment. 
At the beginning of blogging journey, the very first achievement everybody wants, is FOLLOWERS. If you read the post and comment for them, and follow them first, they would appreciate your gestures and follow you back.
Remember, commenting is like greeting, not selling. No one likes to see an advertisement in the letter box.


You are not just a blogger and author, but also a READER too!

Except reading whatever you want, read posts which help improve your blog and get to know more about how the blogging community works. It was extremely helpful to read them as a newbie. Here are blogs that really really help me get through my struggling time as not having many followers.


Don't get distracted by FREEBIES, Be clear what your blog is.

Who doesn't feel excited to read bloggers offered by PR and a lot of different skincare products and freebies. Who doesn't hope they can be that blogger one day? 
I am not trying to deny, this is one of the stage I hope I can get to too. But I am very clear that at this stage my blog is not mainly for cosmetic review neither fashion snap shoot. I don’t feel upset for no opportunities at the moment from Fashion brands or cosmestic send to my address. If you create a blog JUST FOR FREEBIE OPPORTUNITIES, you may get lost one day.


Your niche? Your style?

I know a blog should be the place to allow you to write whatever you want. But I hate to say that, especially for a newbie, I don’t think it is a good ideas to write anything, unless you have a reputation already, no one would be interested in EVERYTHING you write. But, build up your style and focus on your niche are the ways to gain more followers and let more people be interested in most of the things you write.

Keep in mind the reason why you started a blog, and what is your niche?
I started it for sharing my pictures mainly, and I hope that one day my blog can grow bigger so people would like to read whatever I share too. For now, I'm focusing on illustrations and my travel experiences only.
So except building up your style with the look and feel of your design, your content is building up too, it make the audience clear as to what kind of blog they are reading, where they potentially visit again.


This is a sweet community.

At the end, as a not too new but not as an old blogger, I am happy to tell you that the blogging community is super friendly! Numbers of generous blogger sharing tips about how to be a successful, better blogger, from mindset to what content to write. I learnt a lot from them, and also absorbing the positive energy they are sharing. 
So, don’t be lazy to give a comment,  bloggers all appreciate comments, honest response and appreciation. It is also like Karma, it’s like ‘Oh thanks for following me, so I am going to follow back!’ so supporting each other. If you notice it, bloggers who reply their comments are more likely to be successful too! Just think of what would you like to connect to your favourite blogger, and do that to your beloved audience.
Yes, it sounds too sweet to believe hey? Welcome!


I still feel so thankful to my first followers I met on blogs, they are super supportive and I hope we all have a good blogging journey together <3

I hope those tips can decrease your confusion, do you have any other tips for people who just started their blog? I would love to hear! <3

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