The first week I arrived here, instantly I can feel the weather difference between this Spanish town--- Llanes where will be my home for 3 months and the south east Asian city--- Hong Kong, where I came from a few days ago.

It was March during nearly the end of winter in Spain, 10 degrees is kind of freezing for me who gets used to feeling cold in 20 degrees back home.  Also, I felt the skin is going dry and the tightness around my eyes made it a bit hard to wink, because here is colder, and drier too!

Some people don't like the humidity make your skin sweat and oily, but my skin is the opposite, dry weather make it looks old and is scary for me. Thats the reason why my body lotion finished in such a short time.

One day I found the brand Korres in town, its beautiful design caught me at first sight.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

I am going to post the picture I draw for people I like every week (Like a promise with myself), the first week is her--- Charlotte Gainsbourg.

The daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. You might say, the genes from two huge stars, she couldn't be too bad. Really? So many so-called second generations who are spending their whole life to grab the limelight to get the attention they think is their birthright.

Can you name some of them? Or you disagree about what I said? I would like to know what you think.

Sophia + Cinzia

They are pictures I drew for Sophia + Cinzia, which one do you like most?

Daft of Sophia + Cinzia

Collaborating with these girls :) Their blog is cool. The picture is nearly done! 

Spring Summer 2015-03

Happy weekend! 
I received my portable scanner, its so exciting! Can't wait to create more pictures by hand and with computer which I am still new at.

Ipanema, Flip Flops on Holiday

Spring is clearly here in Spain! But the spanish weather is spoiling me, I can now start to look for my swimwear, sun-glasses and FLIP FLOPS!

This SS15 I am going to buy a good quality flip flop!

A day in Gijón

Wooo, I realised I have been disappearing for quite a while, I hope my followers and readers are still following me ;0!

It was a long Easter holiday for me (Actually it was holiday for my other half...). Llanes is where I am living in at the moment,  located in North of Spain------ Asturias. So as I am here in this land, why not travel a bit?

This is my first travelling post here, I also have a blog just about travelling, but I have not updated for awhile for a lot of reasons... 

Spring Summer 2015-02

Top: New Look
Bottom: Sisley

Her hand on her belly because I was in pain while drawing it.
Neck top is coming back this season, come with subtle see-through details is in trend. See though in nowadays emphasise the subtleness with it hints of sexy elegance, if you are dressed too exposed, you are out.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Black Killer heels can't be wrong ;)

PS: I am waiting for my scanner delivery! Hopefully I can put up my hand drawings soon as I am still a beginner at drawing using a computer. 

Why grey!???

Does anybody know why those images turned to very instead of white after I uploaded it on blogspot? I feel so frustrated about it! 
I am going to move my site to 
 but I am so used to blogger now! ;/

Art of enduring a period

How does your period affect you monthly? I am not any kind of professional related to periods, but I keep a very good relationship with mine. I do not want it to leave sometimes LOL.

Never have a very long conversation with girls from other country about menses. But let me introduce a bit about it in Hong Kong, we called period "Aunt" or "M" for monthly. Sometimes we say "My aunt's come to visit me.", so people will get it. Also, we are not really comfortable to say it out loud like how I talk about it in public at all.

And the super big difference between most of the Western countries------ Almost all the Asian girls use a sanitary pad, not a tampon. I cannot speak for every one, but most of the Asian females I know, about 70% of them do not know how to use tampons, some of them don't even want to talk about them. The other 30%, use that occasionally like when swimming, on a boat trip and other rare occasions. It is very uncomfortable for us to use and strange. (Well, I got loads for free one day, so why not use it, but it's still difficult to use it. )

Here, Larry David teach a girl how to use tampons:

For me, period brings me good times:

-Best excuse for not doing any exercise

Menstruation's effects on workouts, Some say it helps, but others say it harms. The best rule is listen to your body. 
I found it extra hard to do exercise during my period, even fainted once in the gym because I felt 'out of blood'. According to a lot of studies from nutritionists, books I read and information from the internet, it is easier to get injured. Also, women lose more calcium and the metabolic rate lowers during menses. So it means our body cannot burn fat well anyway, why not take a rest during the most disturbing day and keep going again after menses?

The point I try to make is the good news here, the first seven days after menses, our hormone obstruction decrease, metabolic rate is the highest as well as digestion. Means if you work hard on exercise, absorb more nutrition from healthy diet, it will totally reflected on our body sooner then normally. (Of course good digestion means digesting all the fats from junk food easier too! So quit them during this golden time) It is a gift for women, make the most of it!

Should a woman actually take a 4-6 day break from workouts every month, when on her period? 
Yes, let work hard on the other 21 days (Will talk more about that 21 days next time.)

-Eat anything I want

'Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are changes in appetite and food cravings, and that can affect weight. Studies show that women tend to crave foods high in fat and carbohydrates during specific phases of the menstrual cycle; women also tend to take in more calories during these phases.'

My favourite is crisps, I eat loads during my period. It is just not the time for losing weight. As the metabolic rate is the lowest, let's eat, and make a promise to yourself to quit all bad food during the first seven days after menses.

-Be angry and moody, and my boyfriend cannot be too angry to me

Well, it is PMS, what do boys know?

Just rest, rest and rest.

Joints in pain, pelvis is cramping so badly? Watch that movie you really want to watch. Honing the strength for the big push later.

Again, I cannot speak for all the bodies of girls and women, but make the most of the menstruation. It's my life style, it actually saves me from gaining too much fat and feeling ill. For the weight loss plan of menstruation, I would like to talk more next time.

Let's enjoy this holiday of undisciplined tongues and bodies!

How do you deal with your menses? Does it affect you in a bad way? Or you have something good to share too? I really want to hear your stories :)