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Oviedo, where located in north west Spain. A capital city in Asturias, where there's the heart of culture and religion in its region.

Yes, follow me it costs you nothing to have a rich historical & cultural experience in Oviedo. What you need is just a pair of good shoes for a long days walk and a foot massage after.

Oviedo was founded by two monks in 761. It was established on an uninhabited hillside, with no Visigothic or Roman foundation before it became an Asturian city. Strong Roman Catholic have been here since then and never changed a bit.

I went to there during Good Friday, the religious atmosphere was heart-warming. As a home grown Asian, you couldn't imagine how curious I was.

Inside of Oviedo cathedral- Catedral Metropolitana Basílica de San Salvador
Oviedo cathedral- Catedral Metropolitana Basílica de San Salvador

The city contains a very rich architectural history, with many buildings dating back to the early medieval period. 

'The churches and buildings of Oviedo follow instead late provincial Roman tradition. Since Asturias at the time was an agriculturally poor area of Spain the scale of the buildings is quite impressive.'

Santa Maria de Naranco

Two impressive 9th century churches were definitely a highlight of my trip, they were built just outside of Oviedo, on Monte Lignum. From there you can have a great view overlooking Oviedo 

The church Santa Maria de Naranco is a pre-Romanesque church, which seems to have originally been a palace for Ramiro I, but later converted into church. The church has an atypical plan from other churches for its time, possibly because it was supposed to contain a throne room for the king.

Do you know a movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, by Woody Allen? Santa Maria de Naranco is one of the places they went to.

San Miguel de Lillo
The second church built during Ramiro I's time was San Miguel de Lillo, which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It looks breathtaking in real life, I am sure it looks great with snow too!

Facing those impressive buildings in the quiet natural surroundings, presumably away from the busy modern life. It is not so difficult to imagine some stories happened here in the old medieval days. Close and open your eyes and it could be like a time travel journey with Bill and Ted.

Oviedo inspired lots of Spanish writers such as Ramón Pérez de Ayala in Tigre Juan and Dolores Medio in her novel Nosotros los Rivero.

Statues are famous landmarks around the city centre, this beautiful street art makes it like a lively gallery.

I hadn’t purposely gone hunting all the statues in the city, but you can easily see them just randomly walking around.

C.C. Modoo

The second time I did a solo shopping haul, spent about 3 hours in this futuristic mall...

I personally like this park very much.

The second time I was there, was a very beautiful day, sun light through leaves was so relaxing, beautiful. Locals lay on the chair for hours, chatting and even napping, it was peaceful. 

See you Oviedo.

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' Let's fly to Oviedo.' Juan Antonio asked.

Fancy a trip to Oviedo? What do you think about it? I'd love to hear from you.

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