21 days to being a better Yogi

At the end of every month and every year, I like to review what I did and what I want to achieve next, and hopefully, I break my bad habits. I am very into that kind of self revolution plan, but planning and achieving are totally different to each other. I am not good at achieving, not at all.

However seriously I plan, I have no confidence to actually do it, until one day, for the very first time I finally achieved what I want to do successfully, my confidence started come back.

(The talking:)
It was my exercise revolution a few years ago, I joined the 21 day fitness challenge from The Yoga Journal , it was free and easy! The 21-day program offers guided yoga video practices; nutrition tips and recipes; learn about yogic lifestyle. I purposely fell into this like a religion. I transformed my mind to do yoga like a routine as natural as eating a meal--- You don't stop your meal because you feed yourself every day. And so, I did yoga for half and hour a day, six days a week for 21 days no matter what. I was very surprised how a good habit can start in such a simple way.

(The actually-doing:)
At the beginning, I felt exhausted, my body just doesn't move smoothly. My knees were tense especially when I did the Down-ward-facing-dog,  for the Sun Salutations, I moved like a robot, I was acting so stupid that I missed lots of poses, they were too fast for me (Or I was too slow?). 'Is it too hard for me to do tomorrow?' I thought to myself.

After a fews days, the miracle unfolded. I could actually notice my body move faster and although I could not do more advanced poses, I could do the simpler ones correctly; and work muscles correctly. I started to understand more of what those yoga theories mean. Something like "Your body learns every time you do the practice"; "Take it easy, do not push yourself too hard, just do however you can reach for that moment"; "When the time come, you will notice it."

After 15days, halfway though the challenge, I found myself finally moving as smoothly as the girl on the video. Even though I still could not reach my toes, I learnt not to push it too hard because I believe I can do it one day. I sweated loads during the practice, my breathing was getting heavier by doing so much core work, but I felt energised and very satisfied. I felt so happy from the inside out.

After 21 days, of course I felt so happy and satisfied that I completed the challenge. As committed to do yoga 21 days in a row, and actually did it. I got my confidence back and was excited for any new challenge.

I found my favourite sport <3 YOGA!
Which is really one of the most effective, healthy ways to exercise your mind and body from the inside out (I learnt so much from it that I think I need to write a new post about how good yoga is.).

(Bad news)
Unfortunately The Yoga Journal closed the link for the 21 days challenge, you cannot do exactly what I did.

(Good news)
But If you want to start your 21 days challenge, why don't you make your own challenge? The Yoga Journal still get loads of video practises and deeper study of each pose.

If some of them seem too advanced for you, I found so many great videos and yoga instructions below, they offer different kinds of plans and suggestions for you to follow. You may not find the challenge I did exactly, but I think you can mix and match to make your very own timetable.

Just remember the principle rules of the challenge: Make sure you do it for about 30 minutes (Not too long that it will make you scared of them), about 5-6 days a week (Allow you to take a rest once or twice a week), then make it last for 21 days (21 is a magic number for growing a new habit). I am sure you will still achieve the same result like me!







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