Al Heaology

This is the personal blog for me to draw and chat about 
travelling, exercise, health, skincare, fashion, styles, food, languages and my life. I started this site because I want to do something more “Useful”, something I am truly passionate about. I am fed up by the over postings on the social networks. I am not trying to be anti them, but I want to stop this daily habit which can seriously waste my time. I asked myself what do all those “Likes” mean to me? Why just post things for gaining “Like” from others? For my “Likes”, comments, posts… "I want a FILTER for myself!!” Quality over quantity! Seriously creating a blog which I can keep posting forever and post whatever I want is something I have always wanted to do. My opinions and view of everything maybe just one of the millions in a place of boredom, but WHAT IF IT IS NOT? This is somewhere I can be selfish but possibly find people who like my selfishness or you would find me!? In the game of blogging, you meet people who LIKE your posts or people who don’t even care about your posts. So, here I give it a go. At least here is what motivated me to sketch again. I spent nearly two hours to write this, because English is not my first language( Another challenge).

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